1 oct. 2018 Code Enigma

About us

We are a full service web agency that specialises in creating and maintaining websites built using Open Source software. Clients include universities, local government departments, charities, the National STEM Centre, the Copernicus climate project, various United Nations affiliates in Vienna, and many more besides.

We are a busy and dynamic company and we pride ourselves in making sure we are a nice place to work. As a distributed company, all our staff work remotely, either from home or a co-working space, which people welcome as a great means for achieving life-work balance and avoiding the daily commute.

We currently have team members in the UK, France, Spain and The Netherlands. Although you'll work remotely, we use online tools to keep the team in constant touch with each other. In fact, new staff often comment that they communicate with colleagues at Code Enigma more than they did when working in an office.

About the job

We are looking for someone to take on the role of Linux Systems Administrator for our business. You will be very much hands on, as a Linux sysadmin, helping to run a large fleet of cloud-based Debian Linux servers managed using Puppet. Standard software includes iptables for firewalling, OSSEC, Nginx web server, MySQL (often Percona), sometimes Apache, PHP-FPM, OpenLDAP, and much more besides. We are ISO 27001 certified and, as you would expect, have a heavy slant on security of service. We also store our AWS infrastructure (which is most of it) in code, using Hashicorp’s Terraform, and we make extensive use of Jenkins and custom scripting for orchestration of systems and services.

As well as working on building and maintaining our Linux server fleet, you will also be heavily involved in sysops automation, orchestration and other scripting, often written in a mix of Python and Bash, helping to build our products and services. Areas of responsibility include:

  • Managing Debian Linux servers and their software stack with Puppet
  • Managing private networks
  • Ensuring infrastructure is secure
  • Managing AWS layouts and services with Terraform
  • Supporting sales teams in the design of new customer hosting solutions
  • Liaising with helpdesk operators to ensure timely resolution of issues
  • Making recommendations for product / technology direction and development
  • Designing and building new orchestration and automation
  • Maintaining service documentation, alongside your colleagues

You’ll work predominantly from home, although you’ll be part of a tight virtual team. You may occasionally be required to make visits to suppliers, attend training or attend other meetings with the management. So you’ll need to have a passport and be willing to travel, but don’t worry, it won’t happen often.

About you

You will be a self-starter and you'll need to have great people skills, because that’s the nature of our business - we hire people who like people. You'll report to the head of our sysops team who is ultimately responsible for product decisions and service provision, but as a member of the systems team you will be expected to support them fully in their role, and generally share knowledge and expertise with other members of the team.

You’ll need a strong technical background and several years of experience in a hosting / sysops business or team. You’ll need to be very familiar with Linux, IP networking, Linux security tools, as well as infra and config management tools such as Puppet and Terraform. We assume Bash scripting is a given, but knowledge of scripting in Python and PHP would be an advantage, as would good knowledge of the AWS product range and other cloud providers.

Just a few more practical points - you’ll have to already be eligible to live and work in the European Union, and you’ll also need to be able to speak and write good English. You do need to be based in the EU and near enough to a well-served airport to make travel simple, preferably in the UK, France, Spain or The Netherlands, where we already have a legal presence.

The package

  • Up to €45,000 - depending on location and experience
  • Permanent position
  • €1,100/year minimum personal development budget
  • Labs time for open source projects of your own
  • Largely home working
  • Starting on 25 days holiday (plus public holidays)
  • Laptop computer

The application process

In the first instance we'd like you to send us your CV, along with a letter of application, explaining why you'd like to work at Code Enigma, and why you'd be a good fit.

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