30 mai 2018

Société : Wiremind     Lieu : Paris     Type : CDI     Rémunération : 45000-54000     Posté le : 4 heures

You will take part in the development of new features for our Saas applications, working together with a senior developer, who will support you in your progression. Based on your experience and center of interest, you could intervene on the frontend, backend or both aspect of the solution.

The back-end part consists generally of extracted data from our customers databases which are then transformed through different stages (standardization, forecast and optimization) and then loaded in our databases set.

The front-end part is a single-page application, used on a daily basis by our customers, which renders data through various data visualization modules (loading curves, fare tracking, 3D rendering, etc.)

The stack is the following:

Back-end: Python, SQLAlchemy, Scrapy, Celery, Flask   Front-end: Angular, Typescript, Redux, D3js, three.js    Data-store: Postgresql, Elasticsearch

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