11 mai 2018

Société : Bluecoders     Lieu : Paris     Type : CDI     Rémunération : >70000     Posté le : 1 heure

The ideal candidate will have some previous leadership experience (lead, director, head, scrum master); however, any candidate who believes they can rise to the occasion is encouraged to apply. As we are a young team, you will initially be expected to be hands on in tackling technical challenges, therefore the ideal candidate will considers themselves very strong in at least one of the following areas: data engineering, application development, or machine learning.

We're a small team today, which means you'll have the opportunity to get to know every one of your colleagues and learn new things every single day. We're also growing fast, which means you're joining a rocket ship right before liftoff - we're already working with some amazing customers like Algolia, Slack, Shopify & InVision, helping their marketing & sales teams make better decisions every day.

We need leaders who are passionate about creating value for customers, who are comfortable solving a problem 80% of the way in 20% of the time because the customer needs it yesterday, and who are able to get up and running from day one.

Are you a pragmatic engineer? A passionate outdoor enthusiast? An opinionated communicator? Then apply today - we can't wait to get to know you!

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