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Nous cherchons des informaticiens, avec licence, maîtrise ou ingénieurs qui n'ont pas peur d'affronter des nouveaux défis. Nous apprécions les connaissances en gestion de projet, langages orientés objet, Internet et bases de données. Si vous avez l'esprit innovateur et désirez joindre notre entreprise nous vous attendons Qualités: nous valorisons les personnes qui ont des idées Langes: nous valorisons Anglais | Espagnol | Français Nos offrons: Bénéfices: 13ème mois | Incorporation immédiate | CDI Salaire selon expérience et profil: 18 000€ a 35 000€ net d'impôts (équivalent a 23 500 € - 47 000 € bruts en France) Contact: jobs [arrobas] house.ad
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Specialiste python pour l'Andorre

Exceptional Computer scientists and Engineers

Company Info:
Company: House.ad
Sector: Computer software and Internet
www.house.ad (like house dot advert) is the prototype for a high tech search engine which will aggregate 1000s of listings real estate webs, from owners, real estate agents, portals and newspaper classifieds from all over the world.
We are searching for the best professionals to integrate our team!

Offer description:
Place: Andorra (Between Spain and France in Europe)
We are searching for smart computer scientists and engineers who aren’t scared to deal with new technologies and challenges.
We appreciate knowledge and experience in: projects management, object oriented programming languages, Internet, databases and computer security.
If you have an innovative spirit and would like to join a company which has already been awarded for its innovative talent, we await you.
We will take care of all permits so that you can work in Andorra/Europe.

Studies: (Over 4 years of university) Master of Science, Engineering or PhD in Computers Science
Qualities: we will value imaginative people who have ideas
Languages: we will value English | Spanish | French
Computers: we will value Linux | Python | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | SQL | Apache
Other requirements: Availability to travel | Availability to change residency

Benefits: Extra 13th month pay | Immediate incorporation | Work and Social Security contracts
Salary: According to profile and experience
18 000€ to 35 000€ (equivalent to 23 500€ to 47 000€ gross in France)
A question before you contact us
Visit the prototype for our search engine at www.house.ad What would you improve?
If you have the answer you can be the talented person we are searching for.
Send your resume to us: jobs [arrobas] house.ad


Contact: Alexis Sirkia
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