31 oct. 2008 subversive games

hello we are a small game dev company looking for a mid to high experienced python coder (needs working level of english); first to help finalise a game then maybe more , see full text.
Créé le 31/10/2008 10:42

I'm french but started a video games company called www.subversivegames.com in australia and applicants would need to be able to work in english. I'm currently opening the european office in paris but we have a great lead dev in perth, australia that needs some help to finalise a game. So there is an urgent need for a mid to high experienced python coder ; first to finalise our game (mostly interface connecting with game engine) but also to help us in the longer term on a new project to be started asap. the job can be based from home working remotely but for the right person, and if interested, we might offer a position in australia, which trust me is an amazing place:)
we are small and creative o you can make a big difference and maybe grow with us!

subversive games

paris - sydney -perth
Contact: jean-marie guitera 0678835194
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